Sunday, January 30, 2011


For the Engineering Students Good opportunities are there to apply IES Exam. IES is one of the important Examinations conducted by the UPSC. Through this exam the vacancies of Central Government job’s are being filled by UPSC. Good Career and Good Salary will be there for this Job. The Candidates who have keen interest on the subject will success in this Exam.
The Candidates who secured in the examination can be promoted to the stage of director general. Generally the Exam will be conducted in four Engineering Departments.
1) Civil Engineering
2) Mechanical Engineering
3) Electrical Engineering
4) Electronics & Communication Engineering
In engineering service Exam there are total 2 parts.
Part1: Written test, Part2: Interview
Part1: Written test
In this there are two sections
Section1  Objective type Exam
Section2  Descriptive type Exam
Total marks will be 1000only.

Objective type Exam:
In this Exam there are 3 papers
1) General Ability test
2) Subject objective paper-1
3) Subject objective paper-2
Each paper having 120 questions with 200marks, each question have 4 options. Time duration of Exam will be 2hours, 1/3negative marking for wrong answer questions. There is a cut of marks for each paper. That will decide by UPSC commission every year. If you cross the cut of marks only descriptive papers will be calculated.
Calculator is not allowed for this exam.

Descriptive type Exam:
In this Exam there are 2paper, each paper having 200marks, Time duration of each paper will be 3hours,
Paper1: In this there will be a total 7questions. In this you can choose any five questions. Each question will carry 40marks.
Paper2: In this paper the first question compulsory you have write answer. This question will carry 80marks. In this question also having another 10 sub questions
There are two sections for remaining 120marks
Section A: In this section there are 3questions. You can choose any 2question, each question will carry 30marks.
Section B: In this also there will be a 3quesitons. In this you can choose any 2questions, each question having 30marks. But in each question having another 2 are more sub questions.
Note: There are no negative marks for descriptive type exam. Deduction up to 5% of the maximum marks for the written papers will be made for illegible hand writing.

Part2: Interview
There will be an interview who qualified in written test, for this they will give 200marks.
Interview will be either technical or non-technical.
If you already done M. Tech you need to grip on your specialization subject
B. Tech students have to study and clear concepts on those already completed project in B. Tech.
You have know present technical knowledge.

Level of the questions
There are 120 questions; you have to find out the answers with in 120 minutes. Remember there won’t be difficult, complicated or controversial questions. Most probably you will find the questions very basic and their applications. You need to have the strength of the overall subject, besides that minimum knowledge in mathematics is enough to find out the answers if you refer the previous papers of the IES examination.

40 % questions from basic
40 % questions from application method
15 % questions from formula’s and graff
5% questions from Reasoning
General essay questions are very similar to what you have faced in B. Tech degree. There is no difference regarding that.

If you want to obtain a very good score in section I you need to have the command on the subject. Try to answer every question don’t skip off the questions. Skipping off is not a wise decision in section I. try to get the grip in each and very topic so that its possible to find out answer and there might be a chance to get the good score.
Don’t neglect General ability Test. Such test decides your position in IES and it’s a deciding factor. Hence, you have to qualify general ability test other wise they wont correct / valuate other sections. Such test contains General English and general studies.

For your Practice IES Previous Papers will help you A Lot:
To crack this examination understand the structure of the given comprehension. Make out the meaning of the given passage, or the central theme of the given comprehension.
Its not enough simple if you do so you need to have the strength in vocabulary (i.e.)
Synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, one word substitutes. If you want to get a good score better solve the previous papers of the IES besides other competitive examinations. For reading comprehension go through tofel, for vocabulary go through GRE.

For General Studies:
Candidates can get a good score in this section. To get a command on this you have to read the newspapers daily besides that at least you have to spent one hour for preparation regarding this.
For current affairs you need to have the strength what happened between 2009 to 2010
Especially better know national and international affairs. Please note important points while reading national and international editions. Such important points should be belong to science and technology, agreements between countries and sports.

Regarding history better go through NCERT XII standard books. You have to concentrate on the following topics.
1) 1857 revolution and consequence of the revolution
2) Freedom fight
3) Role of the M.K. Gandhi
4) Constitution
5) Indian national congress.

You must know the role of the following organizations
Besides that you must know the names of the present presidents and general body members of above said organizations.
Regarding science better have a command on the structure of the human body, parts of the human body, diseases, vaccines, proteins and vitamins
For geography better go through NCERT 8th 9th 10th classes. You must cover important volcanoes, national high ways, mountains, rivers and historical temples.
For the last two years who has got the noble award list them. And list the names of the celebrities of all the categories

Regarding subject papers:
Strictly you have to follow if you want to crack this examination think wise and make the day wise time table. Better have a excellent command on overall syllabus. Solve all the previous papers of the IES examination.
IIT reference books will help you a lot. The following exams are organized by the IIT’s GATE – IES – UPSC – CIVILS – IFS so to crack this examination please solves such previous papers.
How to Apply
U.P.S.E/E.S.E Notification issue in Every December or January. This time the examination will be held in MAY
How to Apply:
Applications will be available in all head post office, besides that you can apply through online.
Any engineering degree or equalent examination candidates can eligible for this examinations. MSC students (Electronics - wireless communication - Radio physics - Radio Engineering) can also eligible for the Examination.
Note: In the application students should fill their option as ‘Engineering’ not IES. IES means Indian Economic Service.